World’s First “Deep Pit Hotel” Opened in Shanghai

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On November 15, the world’s first “deep pit hotel” opened in Shanghai. This super five-star hotel with the lowest artificial altitude in the world grows in a quarry and, against the construction philosophy of going up, the hotel goes down the earth’s surface by 88m. Constructed on the precipice of the pit, it is hailed as an “architectural miracle” by the US National Geographic. The architectural design is based on the concept of “City heals nature” and turns natural scars into a treasure for the human. Through 12-year careful “carving”, China Construction Eighth Engineering Division Corp. Ltd. carried out a “cosmetic surgery” for the abandoned quarry, stunningly demonstrating the skill of China State Construction and turning a waste land into a marvelous creation excelling nature.

 (China Construction Eighth Engineering Division Corp. Ltd)


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