China State Construction Invited to Attend Seminar of Sino-US Clean Energy Joint Research Center regarding Building Energy Saving Cooperation Project

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From July 17 to 19, 2019, a cooperative work seminar of Sino-US Clean Energy Joint Research Center regarding the building energy-saving project, i.e., phase II achievement seminar, was held in Qingdao. Relevant government agencies, including the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of China, the US Department of Energy, international NGOs including US Paulson Institute and Natural Resources Defense Council, as well as the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the Oak Ridge National Laboratory were in attendance. Additionally, nearly fifty relevant universities, scientific research institutes, and enterprises in the field of building energy-saving from the Chinese and US sides, totaling over 120 people attended the seminar. China State Construction, as a major participating company and enterprise committee chairman unit of the project, was invited to organize over ten people from its technical center, China Construction Southwest Design Research Institute, Ltd. and China Construction Northwest Design Research Institute, Ltd. to attend.

The building energy-saving field phase II cooperation project of Sino-US Clean Energy Joint Research Center, i.e., the “net-zero energy consumption building key technology research and demonstration” (2016YFE0102300) is a key research and development project listed in the “13th Five-year Plan” of China. The seminar is intended to strengthen the exchange between research teams and enterprise committees from the Chinese and US sides, and comprehensively sort out the project cooperative research achievements and the next stage research content.

During the exchange of achievements, representatives from the Technology Center of China State Construction and China Construction Southwest Design Research Institute, Ltd. respectively reported the design and construction system research achievements of the “research and demonstration of key technology of net-zero energy consumption buildings in cold regions and areas where the summer is hot and the winter is cold” and its progress of the demonstration project, which was spoken highly of by the representatives at the seminar. During discussion of the next stage tasks, representatives from the Technology Center, etc. carried out thorough discussion with representatives from relevant units of the US side and reached a consensus regarding the research framework, technical route and specific implementation scheme of subject tasks such as “comparative study of technical standards for net-zero energy consumption buildings of US and China”.

During the exchange between enterprise committees from the Chinese and US sides, relevant responsible persons from the Science and Technology Department of the Headquarters presided. On behalf of the enterprise alliance chairman unit of the Chinese side, a report was given regarding the efforts made by the enterprise committee from the Chinese side to promote cooperation and exchange between Chinese and US enterprises, technical transformation, and market expansion, proposed a series of suggestions on promoting mutual trust, cooperation, and a win-win situation based on how to further give play to the linking function of the enterprise committee in Sino-US phase II project, which were widely recognized by the representatives at the seminar. During the seminar, representatives of Chinese and US enterprises carried out interactive exchanges regarding mutually concerning issues such as the future development of net-zero energy consumption technology and the operational mechanism of the enterprise committee.

        It was reported that the Sino-US clean energy cooperation project came from the Cooperative Agreement of Sino-US Clean Energy Joint Research Center signed by Chinese and US governments. As one of the most important projects in the scientific and technological research of China and the US, China State Construction participated in it as a major entity at the beginning of 2017. The implementation of the project provided an excellent platform for strengthening external technical cooperation for China State Construction and creating better conditions for guiding the development of green building technology.


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