Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen Attends Inauguration Ceremony of Prefabricated Stand of Cambodian Stadium Constructed with the Aid of China

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On July 29, Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen attended the inauguration ceremony for the prefabricated stand of the Cambodian stadium constructed with the aid of China. Over one thousand people attended the ceremony, including Thong Khon, Head of Ministry of Tourism of Cambodia, Wang Wentian, Chinese ambassador to Cambodia, relevant representatives from China State Construction, and people from various circles of Cambodia. 


Hun Sen visited the project site and listened to a detailed report regarding the project construction progress. He said that the Cambodian National Stadium Project, constructed with the aid of China was a great achievement of the comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Cambodia, and Sino-Cambodian cooperation under the framework of joint construction of the Belt and Road Initiative. He thanked the Chinese government for its support and help in the project and appreciated China State Construction for overcoming numerous technical difficulties and promoting the project implementation with high quality. Hun Sen said that half of the construction had been completed and the stadium would be open to the public after its completion so as to make sure the Cambodian people know the project was constructed with the aid of China.

The Cambodian National Stadium Project, constructed with the aid of China, is located at Chrouy Changvar of the capital Phnom Penh with a floor area of about 16.22 ha., and a total gross floor area of 82,400 m2, a super-large stadium capable of accommodating 60,000 people. Additionally, the stadium is equipped with hotels, sportswear shops, and equipment shops. As of now, a total of 1,200 Chinese workers and 3,300 Cambodian workers have been allocated to the project. During the implementation of the project, China State Construction invested in large mechanical equipment worth nearly USD 10 million to ensure the project quality.  

It is reported that the project adopts a large number of new processes, materials, and technologies. The 99m super-high chevron-shaped 3D surface fair-faced concrete cable tower with a unique shape is the first in the world. The overall shape of the project is like a solemn and magnificent sailboat of graceful gesture, symbolizing the Sino-Cambodian friendship is setting sail for a long journey. The project is constructed based on the concept of “green sports”, having only 30% building area and 70% greening area. After its establishment, it can be used to host large events, such as intercontinental sporting events and international soccer games, as well as national ceremonies. The stadium will be used as the main stadium of 2023 Southeast Asian Games, which is of great importance to promoting the sports, social, and economic development of Cambodia.


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